In Tow Rigging for Digging
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The Gopher is a new tool, created to fill a need not met by other "similar" equipment. It is a serious, sturdy machine engineered for ease of operation as well as simple and inexpensive maintenance. It travels to the job-site at highway speeds on a 2" tow ball behind a light vehicle. No trailer is needed, and the machine is ready to work minutes after arrival.
Gopher trenchingUgly Operator Gopher sinking a drywell Gopher Ripping
The Gopher Power Shovel replaces numerous manual laborers on projects such as trenching, excavating, concrete breaking and soil compacting. The tempered steel teeth can cut through more than 4" of asphalt and bite easily through hard-compacted soil.

The exclusive "Weasel Wheels" attachment allows access through a space as narrow as 30" bringing power into tight areas such as backyards and gangways - even basements. Through the living room.
Tight job Industrial-grade machinery that is capable of working in spaces previously requiring hours of manual labor.

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